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Jesus is risen! He is truly risen indeed.

Jesus is not a character from a far distant past. He is not remembered in the same way as the great men and heroes who lived long ago are remembered. We might talk about them—and about their deeds. But we cannot talk to them or befriend them. Jesus, however, is the same yesterday, today and forever. He lives.

Having broken the chains of death, He walks before us as one who is alive—and He calls us to follow Him, the living one, and to enter a relationship of friendship with Him. In this way, we discover the path of life, a life that is always new because it will never die. Christ, in rising from the dead, saves all that is truly human and by the gift of His Spirit makes it possible for us to live no longer for ourselves but for Him.

Faith in Jesus’ passion, death and Resurrection gives us inner strength to exercise our baptismal commitment to live, in different ways, lives of service and significance. We must seek to do God’s will in all things- even in the seemingly most mundane things. But doing God’s will and following the commandments does not deprive us of joy but it is what makes true joy possible. Indeed, joy is a sign that we have been with the Lord.

Please continue to visit our website,, for up-to-date information, live-streaming of liturgies, and other resources.

I understand that many of you may not be able to contribute given the economic impact this pandemic is having on your personal finances; however, I hope that those who are able to continue to support their parishes are doing so through the use of online giving on your parish website or through this Universal Online Offertory Page. Your support is essential for the continued operation of your parish. Your parish does so much more than offer Sunday Mass, and despite your physical separation, they need you!

Moreover, many of your brothers and sisters continue to suffer financially due to this pandemic. I invite you to unite with me to help them in their time of need by making a donation to the Coronavirus Emergency Fund. Together, we will get through this. Don't be afraid; just believe (Mark 5:36).

Let us bring “good news” to those who live without hope, and share with them the light of the Gospel, the light that opens for the one who has faith a sure path to true joy, to lasting happiness and eternal peace.

Be assured of my continued prayers for you and your loved ones.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Thomas G. Wenski

Archbishop of Miami

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